Ways to Decrease Your AC Bill this Summer

Ways to Decrease Your AC Bill this Summer

With the summer sun heating up, you're going to be increasingly reliant on your home's AC to cool you down. While you want your family to stay comfortable, you also want to keep your energy bills to a minimum. By taking certain measures, you can prevent your AC system from breaking your bank. At Comfort Champions, our local HVAC technicians are experts at conducting maintenance that ensures your AC system is working efficiently, which will make it much easier for your home to stay cool while minimizing energy use. In turn, your house bills will stay lower.

How to Lower Your AC Bill

Installing a programmable thermostat will be very helpful with establishing a heating/cooling schedule that aligns with your family's daily routine. Your programmable thermostat will work automatically to only turn on your AC during your chosen schedule. This way, it's much less likely that you'll be accidentally cooling down your home during times when nobody is around. Though there are some modest up-front costs with programmable thermostat installation, the long-term savings make this a worthwhile investment.

If your budget allows, it'll be best to replace aging, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient windows. This way, cooled air will remain in the house and the blazing summer air will stay outside, where it belongs. If new windows aren't in the budget, you could weatherstrip your current windows to seal air leaks. On really hot days, it's a good idea to use blackout curtains over your windows. This will reduce solar heat gain, making it easier for your AC to cool your home---and use less energy in the process.

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance is another way to minimize your AC bill. There are some simple maintenance tasks, such as filter replacement, that homeowners often take care of themselves. But for more complex maintenance, it's best to call in an experienced HVAC technician who can ensure that your AC is running efficiently.

AC Service in Draper, UT

When you need AC service in Draper or SLC, contact Comfort Champions at (801) 448-0649. Our local HVAC company can expertly address any of your home's AC needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: June 30, 2021

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